"Hog Roast "

The smell of a Pig cooking on the spit is fantastic!! Coupled with the crunchy crackling and soft succulent meat why decide on anything else?


Our Professional CE approved Spit Roast machines offer the chance to view the Hog Roast cooking and turning on the spit with our machines wide viewing glass. This gives the customer and the cook the opportunity to view the pig during the cooking process allowing for a more theatrical cooking experience to share with your friends or guests.


We do not use closed lid machines for any event and will always supply a Hog Roast machine with a viewing glass. Our Pigs/Hogs are always 100% TRUE Free Range farm assured local pigs sourced direct from the farm close to us in Surrey.


The breed of pig used is a Hampshire/Duroc. The breed has been winning awards for decades for its tender and juicy characteristics after cooking. Our pigs are chosen specifically for hog roasting. The size and age of pig is as important as is the slow cooking process to truly achieve the best tasting hog roast possible.


Our rolls are delivered fresh from our local bakery on the morning of the event.


Please take a look at our photos to see the type of machine that will be cooking your Hog Roast.


We are able to offer a complete Hog Roast service from start to finish leaving you the chance to relax and enjoy your special day or event.


The Hogs Breath hold all the relevant Hygiene certificates and Public Liability insurance.


All required catering equipment will be supplied for the event.


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