There are a multitude of salads options available. We like to offer a varied selection to cover all events.


Please see below some of our recent salad choices that have been supplied to our clients. We can supply any salad of your choice, just ask.


Green Salad

Crisp greens with mixed peppers, cucumber, tomatoes & carrots


Classic Caesar Salad

Fresh chopped romaine topped with baked croutons & Parmesan cheese


Mixed Greens

with tomatoes, shredded carrots, red onions & our "Classic" dressing


Organic Pasta Shells with Fresh Pesto Dressing and Olive Oil


Tomato, Mozzarella and fresh basil platter.


Then we have our most popular choices.


Home made Chunky Coleslaw made with Hellmans Mayonnaise.


Home made Potato salad with Hellmans Mayonnaise, chopped Spring Onions and topped with Fresh Chives.


Classic salad - Mixed Green leaf salad with our self serve Classic French Dressing.


Cous Cous with mixed Mediterranean Vegetables made with vegetable stock.


All of the above salads are Fresh and Homemade. Never Shop Bought.


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